Mère Marie de Paris

Mère Marie de Paris


Icon of Mère Marie de Paris.

Mother Maria made a rented house in Paris her convent, and welcomed to it refugees, poor and lonely people. After the fall of France in 1940 the convent provided Jews with baptism certificates and many Jews came to stay with them until they could be helped to flee the country. Eventually the house was closed down. Marie, her son Yuri, Fr. Dimitri Klépinin, and her close friend and collaborator Ilya Fondaminsky were sent to German concentration camps, where they all died.

The glorification of Mother Maria, together with Fr. Dimitri, Yuri, and Ilya Fondaminsky took place at the Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky in Paris on 1 and 2 May 2004.

This is part of the series of religious saints, which derives from a range of sources, including manuscripts, other icons and mosaics. Some icons include 24 carat gold highlights.

Mère Marie is painted in acrylic on a Loxley Gold box canvas and has two layers of varnish. It is signed on the reverse in pencil. All edges are painted and varnished. 

This is one of a series of religious saints; see my gallery for other images.

The image size is 20cm x 25cm (8" x 10").

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