Peter Zhu Rixin

Peter Zhu Rixin


Icon of Peter Zhu Rixin (also given as Chou Jih-hsin or Tchou-Jeu-Sinn).

Peter was a 19-year-old student killed by the Boxers in East Zhujiahe, Qin County, Hebei (Hopeh) Province, China.

The parishioners in the predominantly Catholic Village were gathered in the church, which was set aflame. Most who escaped the burning building were massacred outside. Fifty-one, including Peter, were bound, ordered to renounce the faith, and, upon refusal to comply, executed the following day. 

The modern saints series includes people from all over the world who have left us wonderful examples of faith and witness. 

Peter Zhu Rixin is painted in acrylic on a Loxley Gold box canvas and has two layers of varnish. It is signed on the reverse in pencil. All edges are painted and varnished.

This is one of a series of modern saints.

The image size is 20cm x 25cm (8" x 10").

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