Luminous Souls Triptych

Luminous Souls Triptych


This is a triptych of three separate images based on woodcuts by Gustave Dore from The Divine Comedy by Dante. The overall size is 32 x 20, comprising three separate images.

The image on the left is from Paradise XVIII, lines 124 - 126; 'O soldiery of heaven, whom I contemplate,/Implore for those who are upon the Earth/All gone astray after the bad example!'

The central image is Paradise XIX, lines 1 - 3, the image of an eagle made up of many souls; 'Appeared before me with its wings outspread/The beautiful image that in sweet fruition/Made jubilant the interwoven saints.'

On the right is Paradise V, lines 103 - 104, a vision of luminous souls; 'So I beheld more than a thousand splendours/Drawing towards us.' 

This triptych is painted in acrylic on Loxley Gold box canvases and has two layers of varnish. All edges are painted and varnished. The three images are 20cm x 50cm (8" x 20"), 40cm x 50cm (16" x 20") and 20cm x 50cm (8" x 20").

This is the largest of a series of paintings that I have created on this theme.


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