Iconismus icons are hand painted by Catherine Young, who has been painting icons for more than 20 years. Her work can be found in the UK, the US and Australia, in churches, chapels and private collections.

We are happy to consider commissions to create a hand painted icon of a Christian saint of any mainstream denomination.

Commissions might be declined if the prospective subject’s life was in very distinct contrast to their words or to the Gospel, if the subject was not a Trinitarian Christian or if there are already too many commissions on order. We will not decline on the grounds of ethnicity, gender, orientation, disability, age, race or colour. If you are not sure then email; we will always try to help.

If you want to discuss images from other faiths then please get in touch, but bear in mind such images would have to be done with sensitivity to the faith concerned. 

Pricing Range

All Iconismus images are hand painted onto high quality Loxley Gold box canvas, which means they do not require a frame. They are painted in acrylic and finished with 2 coats of varnish. They come supplied with D rings, in case you want to hang them on the wall. Pure 24 carat gold leaf highlights can be included if required.

The price depends on the complexity of the subject matter, the cost of materials and the time taken to complete the work. Prices for a single saint image are likely to be as folllows:

7.5cm x 10cm            £75.00

10cm x 15cm             £150.00

15cm x 20xm            £300.00

20cm x 25cm           £500.00

20cm x 50cm           £1000.00

40cm x 50cm           £2000.00

Pure 24ct gold highlights - price on application.

Postage varies depending on the size of the canvas.

The price for each individual commission will vary, based on the complexity of the image. Please use the form below for any enquiries.



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