All Iconismus icons are hand painted by UK based artist Catherine Young.

"I have been painting icons for more than 20 years, and my work is found in churches, chapels and private collections in the US, the UK and Australia. It is are owned by bishops, priests and lay people. My background is in Anglicanism, but I prefer to think of my work as truly ecumenical; it is not restricted to any denomination or church.

"I have painted hundreds of icons over the past few years and have seen many of them go to new homes all over the world. I hope my little saints offer encouragement and protection to their owners, and act as a real connection to the communion of saints."

What Iconismus offers

Iconismus offers high quality images of Christian saints to enable Christians everywhere to draw closer in spirit to meaningful saints from the past, whether personal patron saints or people whose example they admire. The images are created in line with the style of traditional icons; some derive directly from existing icons, mosaics or statues, others are created from photographs. All are intended to help Christians to draw closer to their patron saints. Offering a spiritual window into eternity, and the reassurance of their prayers with ours, none of us need ever feel that we pray alone; none of us ever does.

For those who have learned to read icons they can enable a very real connection with the spirituality and example of the person depicted. For those less familiar with iconography an icon offers a visual representation of a saint, to remind us of that person’s faithful witness, and to encourage us to follow their example. We all have our own personal favourite saints, whose example we try to follow; now it is possible to have a hand painted icon of our own, as a companion to devotions and an encouragement to us to remain faithful in our turn.

All Iconismus images are hand painted onto high quality Loxley Gold box canvas, which means they do not require a frame. They are painted in acrylic and finished with 2 coats of varnish. They come supplied with D rings, in case you want to hang them on the wall. Pure 24 carat gold leaf highlights can be included if required, at an extra cost.

There is a pencil signature by the artist on the reverse of the image and all images come with a certificate of authentication.

Create your own iconostasis

With Iconismus you can commission your own patron saint or combine several icons to build your own unique and very personal iconostasis. Every image is hand painted with great care over several days, and icons include the name of the person depicted on the front.

All Christian saints are equally welcome; they all have something to teach us about faithfulness and love; Baptists, Methodists, Catholic , Orthodox or Anglican/Episcopalian. All are welcome at the Feast of the Lamb, and all saints are welcome in the Iconismus studio.

There are many icons already in stock and available to buy. You can either choose from the wide range of existing images or commission a new one of any Christian saint of any denomination; there is no need for beatification first. Lead times for new icons can be up to six weeks, but most will be completed within a shorter time.

Any Christian saint who has entered eternity can be depicted in Iconismus icons, from any denomination; living saints are traditionally not depicted on icons. This is not restricted to famous saints; I can also create images of loved ones who have entered eternity, as long as there are reasonable photographs available to work from; if you are unsure then please ask.

Painting an icon of any given Christian does not mean that I agree with every word that person wrote or spoke, or everything they ever did, but I would expect that they displayed a consistent integrity in their walk with God, and a true faith lasting until they entered eternity. Although the subjects have entered eternity these are not paintings of dead people; there is no such thing in all creation as a dead Christian; it can’t be done. These are our companions in the Body of Christ; part of the cloud of witnesses spoken of by Paul.

It may be possible to create images of saints from other faiths, but this would need to be considered with sensitivity to the faith concerned.

My aim is only to encourage devotion and faithfulness, not to sow division.