The skill of looking at icons, the discipline of ‘reading’ them, is indeed the strange skill of letting yourself be seen, be read.
— Dr Rowan Williams, 'Lost Icons'

Welcome to Iconismus, my online gallery.

Every icon here is individually hand-painted over many days in my UK studio, on the finest quality box canvas.

I have been painting icons for more than 20 years, and my work can to be found in churches and homes in the US, Australia, Italy and the UK. They are owned by bishops, priests and lay alike, and my images have been commissioned for two book covers.

A recent exhibition of Iconismus Icons at St Paul’s Church, Bedford.

A recent exhibition of Iconismus Icons at St Paul’s Church, Bedford.

Icons are funny things, really. To some they might seem ridiculously quaint and old fashioned; reflections of a time when faith was a more central part of life than it is today. To others they remain powerful sacramentals; connecting our world with another reality, perhaps more real than our own; acknowledging that what we can see, feel or measure isn't the whole story. At their best icons become windows into eternity; as we look at the little saints they are looking back at us, and praying for us. 

Iconismus icons look back in time to a vastly rich tradition, forward to continuing belief, albeit adapted to the modern world. But they also reach horizontally; all over the world and even embracing people of other faiths; those who are faithful to the spirit of the Golden Rule, and to the core beliefs of acceptance, humanity, philanthropy and altruism.

I usually only hold one of each icon in stock, so if the image you want has sold, or if you can't find it here, then ask. Prices for commissions will usually be in the same range as existing work. These are not mass produced images; each one is hand painted with love and care over several days.

If you would like to ask about an icon, please get in touch using the form on the Commissions page below, or email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Catherine Young